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A Directory of Canadian Universities and Colleges Offering Post-Secondary Education in Forestry and Forest Products Technology


University of Alberta - Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

Department of Renewable Resources - The Department is home to the BSc programs in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, and Forestry as well as the Land Resources (Soil Science) major within the Agriculture program. Students taking Forestry may major in either Forest Management or Forest Resources.

Alberta School of Forest Science and Management - The School of Forest Science & Management highlights, guides and enhances the University of Alberta’s commitment to education and research in the area of Forest Science & Management, by building and supporting effective local, provincial, national and international partnerships.

Enhanced Forest Management Group at the University of Alberta provides opportunities for collaborative research in the development and testing of innovative forestry practices which link genetics, silviculture, protection, growth and yield, and management for enhancing wood production and other values (including watershed,

British Columbia

University of British Columbia

Faculty of Forestry - UBC’s forest education is keeping pace with changing social values and an increasingly knowledge-based forest sector. Today’s students not only learn about topics like the biology of trees, innovative wood products and forest engineering, they are taught about ecological and cultural issues related to the forest.

Choose one of the following Departments for more information: Forest and Conservation Sciences, Wood Science, Wood Science, Forest Resources Management, UBC Pulp and Paper Centre, UBC-Wood Science Department, and Centre for Advanced Wood Processing

Royal Roads University

School of Environment and Sustainability undertakes research to advance capacity building, collaboration and organizational effectiveness, dialogue, environmental protection, pollution mitigation, and resource stewardship.

Simon Fraser University

School of Resource and Environmental Management is part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. It now has a core of full-time faculty who contribute fully to the tradition of research excellence and provide an integrated program of graduate instruction in resource and environmental management.

Environmental Science - This programme provides a broad education with specialization in one of six areas of emphasis: Biology, Chemistry, Environmetrics, Physical Geography, Pollutant Transport, and Quantitative Techniques for Resource Management.

Thompson River University

Thompson River University Our two main programs of study are a Natural Resource Science Degree Program (BNRS) and a Forestry Transfer Program. We also offer a BNRS honors program, co-operative education opportunities and courses needed for professional accreditation by the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals (ABCFP).

University of Northern British Columbia

University of Northern British Columbia: The Ecosystem Science and Management Program with a major in Natural Resources Management: Forest Ecology and Management(BSc). The forestry program at UNBC provides students with a thorough understanding of the science, philosophy, and practice of managing forested ecosystems.

University of Victoria

Restoration of Natural Systems - is an accredited program created to disseminate information about the emerging field of environmental restoration and to provide practical background knowledge, training, and skill development for those working in areas related to the restoration of natural systems.

Vancouver Island University

Forestry Department - We recognize forests for all their economic, social and environmental values. Through classroom lectures and discussion, hands-on laboratories, and outdoor activities and field trips our programs provide a balanced overview of forestry. Options: 2-Year Forest Resources Technology Diploma, Post Diploma Bridging Year to University Degrees, and Upgrading Program for Diploma Program Entry.


University of Manitoba

Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources - Students have the opportunity to enroll in one of seven undergraduate degree programs in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources. Co-operative Education Option is available to facilitate professional development in several of the degree programs.

New Brunswick

Université de Moncton

  • Faculté de foresterie offre un programme de baccalauréat en sciences forestières qui vise à former des étudiants et étudiantes ayant les connaissances, les habiletés et les aptitudes leur permettant de gérer l'environnement forestier dans le cadre global du processus de développement durable.
  • Forêt expérimentale La mission de la forêt expérimentale renferme trois principaux volets: l'éducation, la recherche et la démonstration.

University of New Brunswick

Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management

Forest Engineering: As the only accredited program of its kind in Canada, forest engineering enjoys both a national and international reputation.
Forestry: UNB has been a leader in educating managers of the forest landscape. We pioneered computer applications in forestry and we are at the forefront of areas like simulation modeling, ecological management, the application of Geographic Information Systems, and wildlife management.
Environment and Natural Resources: UNB has been a leader in educating managers of the forest landscape. We pioneered computer applications in forestry and we are at the forefront of areas like simulation modeling, ecological management, the application of Geographic Information Systems, and wildlife management.
Graduate Programs: Masters and Doctoral Programs


Lakehead University

Faculty of Natural Resource Management is committed to producing high-quality graduates and scientists through student-centred learning and research, to enhancing the management of Canada's forested ecosystems, and to advancing forest science through scientific research to meet the need of society.

University of Toronto

Faculty of Forestry is a unified body of interdisciplinary, diverse, dedicated and innovative natural, engineering and social scientists. We are on the leading edge of research in forest conservation science, forest ecosystem management, forest governance and policy, biomass utilization for sustainable bio-based materials and chemical products.

Queens University

School of Environmental Studies - The Earth's environment is under stress, and the search for solutions is anything but simple: It requires an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and education. Our program emphasizes the diverse contributions of technology, the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

University of Waterloo

Department of Environment and Resource Studies offers programs which focus on sustainability and the ethics of solving environmental and resource problems, using techniques and ideas from many disciplines - ecology, environmental governance, energy, water, waste management, media, and environmental assessment.


Université Laval

Faculté de foresterie, de géographie et de géomatique - À la Faculté de foresterie et de géomatique, vous trouvez une formation et un milieu de vie ouvert sur le monde, des programmes branchés sur des carrières d'avenir, quelque 32 enseignants qualifiés, une faculté agréable à dimension humaine.

Université du Québec à Montréal

Le Centre d'étude de la forêt (CEF) est un nouveau regroupement universitaire unique au Québec puisqu'il réunit l'expertise scientifique québécoise oeuvrant en forêt. Ceci favorise une vision d'ensemble qui fait le lien entre la compréhension du rôle fonctionnel des organismes et des processus dynamiques dans les écosystèmes forestiers et la conception d'alternatives innovatrices en matière de gestion des forêts (stratégies d'aménagement et pratiques sylvicoles).