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Directory of Software Developers of Forestry and Forest Products Applications

3LOG Systems provides customized log, fiber and chip inventory & management software created exclusively for the forest industry. The system integrates with Microsoft Windows, financial, GIS, GPS, weigh scale, other external systems, and enables e-Business solutions.

ALCIE Integrated Solutions provides best-fit software solutions, including ALCiE Log < Lumber Broker Suite featuring automated revenue re-distribution and expense recovery. ALCiE can be integrated/interfaced with forestry software to deliver superior business management systems to the log, lumber and wood product industries.

ALDATA Software develops business information solutions for the forest industry. Yard Boss is a comprehensive fibre management system that handles wood, chips and other residuals, provides powerful inventory management, and easily manages the complexities of contracts, pay methods and industry conversions common to the forest industry.

Alliance Interactive - We develop computer software solutions for the lumber industry, including web-based lumber management software with full support for wireless handheld devices and much more!

Balance Bourbeau For the past 35 years, Balance Bourbeau has specialized in the conception of automated scales and software dedicated to the forest industry. We are the Canadian leaders in forestry lot management software, wood chip analysis software, wood transportation analysis and government reporting of wood harvesting software.

Bersoft Image Measurement is intended for measuring and analyzing digital images. Measurements are done by pointing and clicking, using angle, distance, perimeter, area, point and line measurement tools or in an automated way, when calculating statistics, pixel profile, object finding, and array/band analysis.

Caribou Software gives our customers the Edge in business with its reliable, flexible job costing and log accounting systems for the logging and timber industry. Our products help loggers, truckers, wood brokers, and small sawmills to manage their business operations

CDC: Circuit Design Corporation - CDC offers comprehensive, robust and fully automated workflow solutions for use by the Woodlands Procurement division of pulp and paper enterprises.

Cengea Solutions Inc. - Our forestry solutions are modular yet fully integrated, product-based offerings that enable forest products companies to reduce total delivered wood costs and add value throughout the raw materials supply chain. Our customers achieve results utilizing our integrated tools that improve efficiencies in forestry planning and management, contracting, wood procurement and woodflow.

DR Systems has been providing software solutions to the forestry industry since 1983. Affordable for any size forestry company, our Phoenix Connect© application allows you to efficiently manage your harvesting, silviculture operations, roads and reporting activities in one easy to use, cloud-based application that your team can use anywhere.

Enfor Consultants Ltd. - Enfor Consultants' forestry software solutions are designed with your needs in mind. Get the competitive edge with software for stumpage analysis, logging waste and residue surveying, timber supply analysis, 3D visual landscape analysis, forest carbon and biomass analysis, bioenergy assessments. User friendly, designed for forest professionals since 1994. Ask about custom programming.

Enterprise CodeWorks Inc. - Software manufacturers of Integrated supply chain management of bulk raw materials contracts, transportation logistics, weigh-scale receiving and shipping, quality and moisture sampling and testing, and accounting interfaces. TOPS/4 - for pulp and paper mills, biomass power plants, recyclers, and wood processors.

Exact Modus - is a company that specializes in the design and implementation of technology-based solutions for the wood industry. With over sixteen years of experience in software design, EXACT MODUS has an excellent track record and has become a leader in developing custom software solutions for this industry.

ForestPal - If you are looking for a quick start to making maps or learning about GIS and/or GPS, this site is for you. Forest Pal offers simple, practical information plus free software to help natural resource managers, educators, students, farmers, woodland owners and others create maps and/or use geographic equipment and data.

Forsite creates the best total solutions for our clients by providing expertise and applying information technology for sustainable resource management. Our software products are flexible, adaptable and easy to navigate because of the deep understanding of process that precedes the design.

International WOOD Markets Research Inc. publishes and sells two on-going strategic intelligence reports for the forest industry: Wood Markets - 2000 Edition: The Solid Wood Products Outlook for 2000 to 2004 - a 400-page report on global and North American timber trends and issues, lumber, plywood, OSB, MDF and particleboard.

ISIS Wood Product Solutions - ISIS addresses the inventory and sales requirements of sawmills - lumber wholesalers - engineered wood manufacturers and remanufacturers. The ISIS Sales/Inventory and Production System is the most economical, and easiest to use wood product sales/inventory system available today.

JRP Consulting Ltd. is a developer of forestry planting, surveying, cruising and operational databases for forests and nurseries. Experts in handheld forestry software. Canned and custom products available including applications for planting, surveying, cruising and operational planning.

LogCom Systems Ltd. - expertise in processing scaled log data for the BC forest industry. Using state of the art technology, in-house software solutions, and field trained data service personnel, we can offer you data management tailored to your needs.

MPM Engineering Ltd. is a recognized leader in Log Optimization and control of machinery used in Log Bucking and Primary Breakdown Process. Our programs include systems for log optimizing, auto rotation, bucking, log and board sorting, and analysis. They will interface with most scanning systems.

RDI Resource Design Inc offers expert 3-D/GIS forest planning, analysis and design services. Our planning solutions permit projects to meet public objectives for visual quality while providing for long-term environmental and economic sustainability.

Remsoft Inc. creates the world's leading software for sustainable spatial forest management planning. For 15 years, our software suite has enabled our clients to meet objectives while ensuring the viability of the world's forests and related ecosystems.

Silvacom Ltd. - Silvacom’s application development team have been building award-winning custom software solutions since 2001. Silvacom FMS ( is a collection of geospatial cloud-based forest management applications that empower forestry companies to plan harvesting activities, track operations, manage silviculture, generate georeferenced maps and much more.

SoftTouch Forestry is Atlantic Canada's most complete land management company. Our services include Mapping services, GPS and GIS integration, Database programming & development for the PC and Handheld Device

Softree Technical Systems Inc. provides a full range of terrain modelling, road design and forest engineering software. Built for forestry and designed to unlock the power of LiDAR, Softree is leading the forest engineering industry.

Tesera Systems Inc. High Resolution Inventory Solutions (HRIS) provides the world's most comprehensive and reliable forest inventory at high resolution. HRIS is a SaaS solution that leverages remote sensing, ground plot, along with climate and terrain data as inputs into a machine learning cloud pipeline hosted on AWS. It is scalable from 10,000 to 10+ million hectares and applicable to forest types around the globe. HRIS unlocks 25-50X ROI across the supply chain.

TradeTec Computer Systems Ltd. is a progressive software company based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Our expertise lies in developing software applications that assist an organization in becoming more efficient, more competitive and more flexible in its everyday operations.

Woodhub is a web-based inventory and sales system built for small companies in the forest products industry.

WoodPro Software Inc. - For over 20 years, WoodPro has been offering integrated financial and operational management software. Our WoodPro InSight system has been designed to meet the unique requirements of wholesalers, distributors, remanufacturers, wood treaters and sawmills in the lumber & building materials industry. We offer on-premise license and 'pay-as-you-go' (SaaS) hosted options.