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Technical Schools

Directory of Canadian Technical Schools Offering Post-Secondary Education in Forestry and Forest Products Technology

Algonquin College's Forestry Technician Diploma Program is an exciting, fast-paced, 49-week immersion in natural resources management on the doorstep of Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. One third of our forestry courses are conducted in the field.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

  • Forest and Natural Areas Management program is a two-year diploma program with a focus on forestry, vegetation management, arboriculture for supporting sustainable community development in both rural and urban environments.
  • Geographic Information Systems The Advanced Diploma program in Geographic Information Systems is designed for university or college graduates with a background in a related discipline or technology.

College of the North Atlantic - Forest Resources Technician program. We are Newfoundland and Labrador’s public college – one of the largest post-secondary educational and skills training centres in Atlantic Canada.

College of New Caledonia - Natural Resources and Forest Technology: In this nationally accredited program students study a core of forest technology courses enhanced by studies of wildlife and fish habitats, bird identification, indigenous plants, First Nations issues, outdoor recreation/tourism, and Earth sciences. The core of traditional, forestbased courses includes technical skills such as measurements, forest protection/health, forest operations and silviculture.

Confederation College Forestry Program - Forestry Technician - Ecosystem Management two-year co-op diploma program prepares you for a career in all areas of forestry including forest management, forest resource conservation and protection, silviculture, fish and wildlife, research support, recreation, project development with Aboriginal communities, community economic development and adventure and eco-tourism.

Fleming College - In the two-year Forestry Technician program, you'll acquire the right stuff to work effectively in natural resources management -- from identifying trees to working with high-tech computers. In an ideal combination of theory and technical hands-on experiences, your studies in the classroom will be complemented by numerous field excursions.

Hinton Training Centre A leader in the delivery of forest-related education, research and technology, participants from around the globe visit the Centre to learn more about managing forest, land, and wildfire resources.

Maritime College of Forest Technology is recognized by the forest industry as one of the leading forestry educational programs. In 2003 we changed our intensive 12-month program to a two-year program with September to April semesters plus a summer work practicum.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology - This program is designed to produce technologists capable of carrying out the delivery of central core forestry practices. Graduates might typically find themselves supervising or carrying out field operations involving timber inventory, protection, harvesting or reforestation, engineering and GIS.

Nova Scotia Community College - Centre of Forest Innovation

  • Natural Resources Environmental Technology - A 2-year diploma program offered at the Lunenburg and Strait Area campuses that prepares students for a career in the natural resources sector with a focus on environmental sustainability. Students spend a considerable amount of time participating in outdoor labs and developing an integrated resource management plan.

  • Forest Geomatics and Biometrics Technology - A 1-year graduate certificate program offered at the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) in Lawrencetown where students develop specialized skills to sustainably manage forests for future generations using geomatics technology. These skills are critical to a selection-based harvest model that supports forest ecology, biodiversity and sustainable forest development.

Okanagan College - The Advanced GIS Certificate - a 500-hour program will introduce students to the essentials of using GIS to create maps and edit and manage GIS data.

Portage College - Natural Resources Technology diploma program attracts individuals who not only love the outdoors, but who have a strong interest in environmental sustainability. Graduates of the NRT program are equipped with the tools and the attitude to challenge the world's most current and crucial environmental issues.

Selkirk College - Forestry Technology Diploma Program. Forestry requires a more scientific and complex approach, and this program at Selkirk College is designed to train people to meet this requirement. The objective of the program is to graduate forest technologists who have the skills and competencies to be immediately employable.

Sault College: Forestry Technician - Conservation - This program prepares graduates with a wide range of skills necessary to contribute to environmentally sound management of forest ecosystems. Students learn practical skills such as the identification of such diverse ecosystem components as soils, trees, shrubs, plants, and bryophytes. Insects and diseases that attack forests are introduced and you will learn how to identify and control them.

Sir Sandford Fleming College - The Forestry Technician career path will appeal to you if you are passionate about the outdoors, and concerned for the responsible management of forest resources.

WoodLINKS - WoodLINKS is a non-profit society dedicated to quality education in the wood industry. Our mandate is to ensure that students, teachers and parents are knowledgeable about the wood industry and the high growth potential careers it offers